Benefit from decreased calling costs, crystal-clear audio, and a plethora of other features with this cloud-based telephone

VoIP’s number portability feature lets you use one phone number across all your business’s devices

Sondela’s VoIP solution allows you to make and receive calls through any device with an internet connection, meaning you can connect with your employees, partners, and associates, no matter your location. What’s more, our VoIP solution is an app that you can download and install immediately, without any up-front implementation or wiring costs.

And because of its user-friendly interface, you can quickly familiarise yourself with its myriad features, such as auto-attendant, HD video conferencing, and voicemail-to-email transcription!

Benefits of Sondela’s VoIP solution:

  • Feature-rich - additional functions of VoIP include music on hold, call screening, routing, monitoring, and transferring
  • Mobility - make and receive calls from anywhere
  • Low-cost - with VoIP, you don’t have to purchase extra hardware
  • Comprehensive services - we’ll install, service, upgrade, and maintain your VoIP service for you