Managed Services

Proactive management and maintenance of your technology means no downtime or expensive repair costs

We’ll fix system errors, sluggish network performance, and software compatibility issues before you notice them

For a small, flat-rate monthly fee, Sondela becomes your outsourced IT department. You get a team of experts monitoring, managing, and updating your IT system so it runs at peak performance, 24x7x365.

We’ll also detect and remove all forms of malware, ensuring your data never gets corrupted or deleted. Rest assured, every aspect of this solution turns your technology into a strategic asset, giving you more time to focus on your business.

Benefits of Sondela’s Managed Services:

  • Predictable budgeting - pay one small fee and we’ll handle everything from software updates to general troubleshooting
  • Complete protection - 24x7x365 monitoring ensures data breaches don’t happen
  • On-demand support - give us a call at anytime if you encounter a problem you can’t fix
  • High uptime - proactive monitoring equals 99.99% network uptime