We install top-of-the-line security software that keeps your data safe from hacks and malware

We also proactively monitor your IT infrastructure and mitigate malware before they disrupt your business

Using the internet to do business has its advantages, but it also exposes your data to cyberthreats. Sondela’s experts install security software that detects and removes security breaches before they penetrate your systems, ensuring seamless business operations. We also encrypt your data stored on various platforms -- such as a hard drive, server, cloud, or removable media -- to thwart hacker attempts and maintain the complete security of sensitive information. Your emails are also secured and managed around the clock so you always receive the latest email in your devices, your inbox stays spam-free, and data are kept from leaking.

Even more, we’ll assign a cybersecurity expert who checks on overall network health, identifies security loopholes, and installs the latest patches to ensure 360° protection.

Software you get with Sondela’s Cybersecurity solution:

  • Anti-virus - identifies, quarantines, and eliminates malicious software, 24x7
  • Network protection - secures your network infrastructure at the DNS and IP layers so your devices are always protected regardless of their location
  • Mobile Suite - controls and secures your mobile devices through the cloud for higher data security
  • Email filtration - automatically deletes junk mail to keep your inbox safe and relevant