PSA/RMM Consulting

Integrate and optimise these platforms to automate your entire operation
and deliver peace of mind

Reap the benefits from combining your RMM platform (a tool that keeps tabs on customer systems) with your PSA tool which keeps your operation tidy

PSA and RMM platforms help you deliver new levels of automation, service quality, and other metrics that are vital for MSPs that deliver remote support. PSA/RMM optimisation also automates client systems troubleshooting, which is why more and more MSPs are seeking our advice on how to utilise these tools to gain a competitive edge.

Additionally, Sondela works closely with MSPs to show how the integration of these tools can bring them advantages like the ability to schedule new tasks for automation, accurately capture billable hours, and identify sales opportunities.

Our PSA/RMM Consulting service, help you to:

Automate everything:
Leverage these tools to automate post-sales communication, create and deliver detailed reports on client systems, expedite help desk delivery, and offer 24x7x365 server support.

Reduce costs:
When you’re using tools that automate numerous processes, you need fewer people, allowing your MSP to be as lean as possible. Here are some benefits of employing fewer people:

  • Smaller payroll equals larger profits.
  • Reduce staff compensation expenses like insurance.
  • Less employees means expenses like vacation pay and sick pay are cut down.
  • Purchase fewer business devices like laptops, mobiles, and tablets.

Increase efficiency:
Scanning yours and your clients’ systems around-the-clock, will enable you to swiftly identify and delete malicious software, notifying you immediately in the event of a hack so you can take steps to solve the problem. Additionally, you can automate updates to ensure all security software runs on the latest versions.

Provide excellent customer support:
We’ll advise you on how to automate your entire ticket management process through automated ticket routing, which allows you and your customers to track ticket priority and progress through any internet-connected device, without contacting you personally.