ITQuoter partners with Sondela Consulting in the UK!

ITQuoter is very excited to announce their collaboration with Sondela Consulting in the UK Market.  This follows ITQuoter’s recent announcement of the launch of their innovative SaaS quoting platform into the UK Market.  It is a complete solution with many advanced features providing a comprehensive, flexible tool for MSPs and VARs. Its integration with suppliers’ data is outstanding providing a unique product searching capability.

I am using my PSA as a ticketing system

This is something that I hear clients saying often!  My response usually is “well that is the most expensive ticketing system you will ever use”.  But joking aside, there is so much more to a PSA tool than just a ticketing system.  As an MSP, a Professional Services Automation (PSA) tool is the engine that runs your business.

Watch out for this Android malware

Security researchers have discovered a new Android malware called DEFENSOR ID that snuck its way into the Google Play Store. Forensic analysis shows that the malware takes advantage of an Android device’s Accessibility Services to infiltrate the system and cause damage without being detected. To help you avoid this dangerous strain of malware, we’ve compiled […]

Android tip: Track your data use

Android devices are most effective when they have a stable network connection. The problem is that many mobile networks limit how much data you can use during a subscription cycle. Instead of upgrading to a more expensive plan, consider paying closer attention to how and when you use data and scaling back. It’s easier than […]

What is a PSA Tool?

Have you ever wondered what a PSA tool actually is?  You have probably heard other MSPs and Vendors talking about PSA tools and wondered what it stands for and what purpose it would serve in your business.

PSA is Professional Services Automation; it is a business management platform designed specifically for MSPs to manage the entire business lifecycle of their clients’ journey from beginning to end.

Microsoft 365 update channels: What you need to know

Many businesses using Microsoft 365 prefer to have the latest versions of the productivity suite’s applications. Some businesses prefer to get updates as soon as they become available, while others prefer to update their systems on a predictable schedule. Fortunately, Microsoft’s update channels enable businesses to customize when they receive apps’ new features. New update […]