About Sondela

We help MSPs get the most out of their PSA & RMM tools

Sondela is an award winning Business Consultancy firm based in the UK, serving customers all over the world specialising in PSA; RMM tools, optimisation of IT Management Tools and advising on business best practices.

Sondela is committed to making your business a success by taking the time to understand your needs and making the best-fit recommendations which align with your mission, vision, and goals. Sondela has a proven track record maximising profitability; increasing efficiencies for MSPs.

Chris Timm

Chris started Sondela Consulting to focus on his passion for working with MSPs to help them become more successful and more efficient by understanding and utilising their tools more effectively. Sondela is a Zulu word for “Advance” which is a nod to Chris’s Southern African roots and is an apt name with his number one goal being to help MSPs gain a deeper understanding of their investment and realise profitability much quicker.

The 14 years of experience Chris gained through previously running an MSP business combined with working at Autotask has given him greater insight and understanding into both sides of the industry and how a PSA tool can provide efficiencies and profitability when implemented properly. Chris can take you from zero to hero with your PSA tool, using it to its full potential, and maximising every aspect of your business to ensure that every department is working in harmony. In a nutshell, Chris’s passion is to turn your MSP into a “well-oiled” machine.

Chris co-hosts the PSAImpact podcast, a PSA independent series designed to help MSPs worldwide to get the most from their PSA tool and manage their business.

Out of the office, Chris is passionate about the community and is a member of the CompTIA UK Channel Executive Council. Chris founded the Thames Valley Small Business IT Specialist Community Group in 2004 and this group still runs today. More recently, in early 2019, Chris also co-founded the Small Business IT Specialist Community Group in London. He regularly attends a variety of industry events and peer groups, where he is often seen having lively discussions about PSA tools.

In his spare time, Chris likes to keep fit and healthy by running, being a regular at Park Run! He also enjoys watching films and socialising. He is an avid rugby fan and follows the England rugby team and the Springboks very closely!

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Tracey Timm

Tracey is the backbone of Sondela Consulting, keeping it running like a well-oiled machine! Tracey’s career started out in the PA, Secretarial and Administration world and she added Marketing to her armour around 6 years ago. Tracey believes that being customer centric is vital to the success of a business and it is something that she is very passionate about.

Working in Sondela, Tracey is doing the things she enjoys the most, focusing on her strengths allowing Chris to focus on his passion of working with MSPs. Tracey’s focus is on the Marketing side of the business and taking care of all the other many day-to-day tasks associated with running a business. Tracey runs a tight ship and Chris is banned from making his own appointments in his calendar!

Out of the office, Tracey continues to keep up with the latest developments in Digital Marketing, Traditional Marketing and Social Media to always be at the forefront of the latest trends. She is currently studying to complete her Marketing Degree this year.

In her spare time, Tracey likes to keep fit and healthy by running and taking yoga classes. She enjoys cooking, baking, reading, watching films and socialising, trying out afternoon tea venues! She of course also enjoys watching rugby with Chris.

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