We help MSPs get the most out
of their PSA & RMM tools

Let Sondela optimise your software to make your
business more efficient so that you can serve your
customers better than ever

Business Consulting for MSPs

Your IT management tools should help, not hinder

Sondela Consulting is an award-winning consulting company based in Suffolk and Hampshire. We have a passion for turning MSPs into
well-oiled machines. Every recommendation we make is geared
towards enhancing profits, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Optimised PSA and RMM tools save you time and money!

For your business


Determine and focus on the most profitable projects and services with in-depth, auto-generated reports


Gain insight on processes that consume the most resources on a visually pleasing dashboard


Manage, track, and forecast opportunities on a project-by-project basis to deliver results quickly and efficiently

For your customers


Secure systems remotely by getting notified of anomalies and failed backups to protect against hacks, scams, and viruses


Troubleshoot software compatibility issues and sluggish performance proactively to minimise downtime


Automate general system maintenance tasks such as patches and updates to keep client systems running smoothly, 24x7x365

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Sondela also offers other IT services for end users

We’ve got class-A certifications and are backed
by industry-leading partners